Changing Kibuule et al rape perceptions starts with you

We laugh for many reasons. Perhaps we are genuinely amused; maybe we are nervous, incredulous, at a loss for words. Perhaps the person we are laughing at or with has said something trivial, light, or even foolish. The difference between these “laughters” is that shocked, nervous, or derisive laughter is often short and abrupt – a single outburst rather than a continuous peal.

Beyond Victim Blaming

Our polygamous Youth Affairs minister Ronald Kibuule is in the news again for espousing the victim-blaming bullshit that allows a culture in which girls like 9 year old Hanisha Nambi can be raped and murdered in her own neighborhood. Dressing indecently invites rape and defilement on oneself, Kibuule says. Rape victims who come forward to…