NTV Men should explore issues of masculinity

NTV Men, a show on NTV Uganda has stirred some conversation on their choice of topic – in my opinion, not enough conversation. In its current state, the show spends too much airtime talking about women and calling on one woman to explain all the ways of women. Great topics devolve as a result.

Anti-Porn Act: What you were told about it and why

Even with most of the above sections dropped in the Act, the general understanding of the law is that it is a miniskirt law. The situation has not been helped by utterances by the Ethics Minister Lokodo, who newspapers quote as ‘warning women against wearing miniskirts”.

A woman made a non-conventional decision, you are still judging 11 years later

The death of a spouse, or ex-spouse, of another Vice President would not have merited a front page space on more than one day, but Kazibwe did. Because in addition to being the Vice President, Dr. Spe had the audacity to divorce him. So when he dies, he is not just a man, an ex-husband, and father, he also presents an opportunity to bring up the divorce as most stories that broke the news of his death did.