Mon Weekly Brief: Apenyo on Al Jazeera, cabinet, and Lokodo on sex work

Fr. Lokodo is very hard to ignore because he is part of the government and his views have an actual impact on how we live our lives. The sex workers’ organisation has spoken out. With the prisons overcrowded and the judiciary dealing with a backlog, we shall be watching what all the arrests will mean.

(Woman) Minister

With women as ministers in most of the important ministries (Education, Energy, Finance, Trade, Tourism and until the May reshuffle, Health), this is an issue. More women are getting into parliament, thanks to reserved seats and an increase in districts. When they are ministers however, how much do we limit to their gender?

Clearly the Government is not in this

The real dangers to women’s rights are the people that have been quiet, notable among them are women leaders especially the now not so Honorable Mary Karooro Okurut, the youth representatives in parliament whose mandate is to represent the voices of the youth, the National Youth Council headed by Samuel Kavuma, the women members of parliament who have not said a thing and the Inspector General of Police.