Mon Weekly Brief: midwives4all campaign launched in Uganda

Welcome to this week’s edition of our weekly round-up of the main happenings in the Ugandan women’s world! This week was the last chance to see Maria Naita’s Abakyala Leero exhibition at AKA Gallery. A review in The Independent said that the acrylic paintings “celebrate the woman in a critical way.” Media houses came together…

Mon Weekly Brief: Nabagereka at World Bank Land Conference

There was a girl. Then a book was written. Disney optioned the rights. And now, Lupita Nyong’o is in town! Yes, she is. We saw pictures and she tweeted too. The tweet said “From 6000 pearls to just 1: Uganda. Excited to be back in East Africa to work with @MiraPagliNair on #QueenofKatwe.” Phionah Mutesi’s story has been told across several platforms. From the slums, she became a chess champion. Tim Crothers would later write a book The Queen of Katwe.
Anyway, long story short, Lupita is in town!