Jennifer Makumbi’s next novel is “feminist with a capital F!”

Yes, I am working currently on a novel called Nnambi. I suspect that the title might change because while it plays with Nnambi the mythical figure, this is not her story and it is not in dialogue with the first novel but due to the oral traditions (as the first man and woman) there is a kind of conversation between the novels. The new novel is set between 1965 and 1983 without dealing with the history of the time. It is a feminist novel with capital F!

The first IWD celebration in Uganda

And, in the spirit of herstory, here is the speech by Miria Obote, then First Lady of Uganda, on the first IWD national celebration in Uganda at State House Entebbe. (It was first accessed from the archives of UPC)

Uganda Martyrs: How the women survived death

The first female converts were reportedly baptised in the late 1880s, and they included Malyamu Mukasa, Doti, Sara Nakima (may have been related to Mwanga), Mubulire Fanny, Princess Clara Nalumansi, Princess Rebecca Magali, Ketula and Rachel Sebulira. We see no women though on the lists of Uganda Martyrs, save for the occasional mention of Clara Nalumansi. Most female Christians, at the time, are referred to as “women” and remain nameless. Were they of weaker faith? Or was their Christian teaching different from their male counterparts?