Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Lango’s Silent Epidemic

I, together with the Lango Association of North America, have decided to launch a crowd funding campaign to address the PID issue. The screening that was done last year only covered women in three of the eight districts in the region. We need to help the other five districts, as well as make sure all of them are able to access treatment. While some of the responses have been encouraging, I was infuriated the other day when some of our brothers told me that I was bringing shame to the women of Lango by openly admitting that they have PID.

Mothers giving birth in abandoned kitchen

According to health workers here, matters are complicated by the fact that the kitchen-turned-maternity ward which handles up to 90 deliveries per month has neither doors nor windows and even then, it is too small and ill equipped to handle the numbers that turn up there.

Engaging Friends in your fundraising efforts

Many times, our friends want to support our initiatives, but they need to know what to do. So while you seek for help, be specific about what you need from them. In the past couple of weeks, I have organized two fundraising events for the Suubi (Hope) Health Center. I worked with my friends on some parties- because music and dance usually bring our Minnesota community together. And of course, what beats partying for a good cause!

A case for women’s education

In lieu of my Thursday Fund-documentation post, I am going to share with you a recent article, published in The New Vision on May 12th. It was written by Professor Calestous Juma of Harvard Kennedy School. He makes a case for women’s education, using African Rural University (ARU). ARU is under the URDT umbrella and it is the only all women’s university in Uganda.

Telling the ‘why’ story – A Skype conversation helps me figure it out

For now, this is my challenge, putting emotion into words. My friend explained to me that I needed the people to connect to me as a person, and that presenting it in a story- like most of my first paragraphs of motivational letters- does just that. I need to work on that story and I need to make it clear and urgent. It is still not easy because it is still pleading but this time with the personal, and I can only hope that by telling my why story, I will be able to help the URDT girls get that school truck.