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We’ve been following- and loving- Nacho Hair Lover for awhile now. So we’re super excited that Bella (EnviriZaNacho Founder and Superstar) blogged on the resources and other communities discussing natural hair and beauty.

Calling on all Ugandan women photographers

We have not found that many. We are creating an archive and so far, we have: Maria Wamala, Rachel Mabala, Verone Akankunda, Tessa Lwanga, and our wonderful ally Jacqueline Auma.
It doesn’t have to be political and you don’t have to be teargassed (being a photojournalist includes a lot of physical threat). We want to hear from, and about, Ugandan women that are active photographers.

Jennifer Makumbi’s next novel is “feminist with a capital F!”

Yes, I am working currently on a novel called Nnambi. I suspect that the title might change because while it plays with Nnambi the mythical figure, this is not her story and it is not in dialogue with the first novel but due to the oral traditions (as the first man and woman) there is a kind of conversation between the novels. The new novel is set between 1965 and 1983 without dealing with the history of the time. It is a feminist novel with capital F!

Flash Fiction: The Axe

Flash Fiction from Writivism Mentorship.

This story “The Axe” was written by Harriet Anena who was mentored by Rachel Zadok. Anena is a Ugandan poet, writer and deputy chief sub-editor with Daily Monitor. She was a participant in the 2013 Caine Prize workshop and the 2014 Writivism Creative Writing Workshop.

Flash Fiction: Daughters of Resurrection

Flash Fiction from Writivism Mentorship.

“Daughters of Resurrection” by Melissa Kiguwa who was mentored by Yewande Omotoso. Kiguwa is a Ugandan poet and self-identifying feminist. She has been longlisted for her story “The Wound of Shrinking” for the 2014 Writivism Short Story Prize.