Beyond Victim Blaming

Our polygamous Youth Affairs minister Ronald Kibuule is in the news again for espousing the victim-blaming bullshit that allows a culture in which girls like 9 year old Hanisha Nambi can be raped and murdered in her own neighborhood. Dressing indecently invites rape and defilement on oneself, Kibuule says. Rape victims who come forward to…

Photo by In2East Africa

Theatre of the Absurd

And all of this is an overly-extended metaphor for what passes for the democracy in our beloved nation these days. This is the same throbbing vein of frustration that accompagnies my reaction to being searched whenever I venture out in public, to the crude 700 million shilling neon obscenity that we are calling a KCCA park and the fetid pile of rotting rubbish you are sure to find within a 700m radius of it. This vein arrived pulsing, just off-centre of my forehead as I watched the crashing of the Marriage and Divorce bill and the cresting of the Anti-pornography one.