Ah, so you think you’re an adult.

How to hover pee: As we grow older, our lives expand. We start going to different offices, homes and parties. Learn how to pee without sitting down. It will give you thighs of steel and reduces the likelihood of you contracting gross diseases like candida.

Women Can Also (openly) Write About Their Sex Lives

This article appeared in Stiletto Point (Sunday Vision) on the 29th of September 2013. Recently I was in a brainstorm with my workmates when Tom Rush, a columnist who was much loved by New Vision’s readership came up. All the people in the room were of one mind that he was an awesome writer and…

Self defense is not even an option.

Who wants to be a ripped goddess? I do, which is why for two weeks now, I have faithfully visited the gym, read articles about strength training, changed my diet and bought a bunch of workout clothes. I have even forced myself to become more sociable, so that my fellow gym goers can teach me proper weight lifting form.

Nkuweeki? Certainly not this.

In the words of an online tabloid called Ghana Celebrities, Iryn Namubiru, a Ugandan singer known for hits such as Birowozo and Empiisa zo is the WORST. They say that during one of her shows in the USA, Namubiru allowed her fans to put their hands up her mini dress, which is the most appalling…