Forced sterilisation: You have a right to decide the fate of your fallopian tubes

It does not matter if whoever has the scalpel thinks this is the best choice. The job of the health worker, and whomever has information, is to give (accurate) information. Explain the rationale for your advice and let the bearer of the fallopian tubes decide. They are not communal property.

Museveni promises pads to school girls on campaign trail

President Museveni, who is currently campaigning for another term, has been the president of Uganda since 1986. One of the promises he has made on the campaign trail is that should he be re-elected, his government will provide free sanitary pads to girls in school. He made the pledge on the fourth day of his campaign trail, in Alebtong district. It is probably the first time in this country that a president has talked about women’s sanitary needs: and used it to ask for votes, too.

Storify: Clara Nalumansi, Uganda’s woman martyr

June 3rd was (and always is) Uganda Martyrs’ Day. The most widely-known, and celebrated, martyrs are men, as men were mostly the ones that got killed. This year, we tweeted the story of Clara Nalumansi- Uganda’s first recorded woman martyr.
Because Twitter has the habit of moving on quickly, we joined Storify and curated our tweets on Princess Clara Nalumansi.