A case for women’s education

In lieu of my Thursday Fund-documentation post, I am going to share with you a recent article, published in The New Vision on May 12th. It was written by Professor Calestous Juma of Harvard Kennedy School. He makes a case for women’s education, using African Rural University (ARU). ARU is under the URDT umbrella and it is the only all women’s university in Uganda.

Telling the ‘why’ story – A Skype conversation helps me figure it out

For now, this is my challenge, putting emotion into words. My friend explained to me that I needed the people to connect to me as a person, and that presenting it in a story- like most of my first paragraphs of motivational letters- does just that. I need to work on that story and I need to make it clear and urgent. It is still not easy because it is still pleading but this time with the personal, and I can only hope that by telling my why story, I will be able to help the URDT girls get that school truck.

My fundraising process: The early days

I was afraid to have the word out there.

Not because it’s not worth it but because I was afraid to ask for money. I was afraid to not raise the amount I had set for my goal. I was afraid of asking people twice or not having them listen to the cause. I kept the fundraiser on hold for over a month as I talked to myself into starting. I know I always tell myself, that if you do not try- then you will never know.

We have continually turned a deaf ear. Not this time.

Nothing that threatens another human being’s security, freedom and general well-being can be termed as a small issue. It is a big issue. It is a gigantic issue. It is a humongous issue. And we cannot- we cannot- let such issues pass over and over again, which is what we do when we do not hold leaders accountable; leaders who seem to remain unaware about the implication of their actions.