Mon Weekly Brief: Awards, J Kanyomozi and Sylvia Tamale’s view on sextapes

Welcome to the first edition of Mon’s Weekly Brief, a quick round-up of things happening in the women’s world in Uganda!

The Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development finalists were announced. There were four finalists from Africa, two of whom were young women from Uganda: Esther Kalenzi (26) of 40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation and Catherine Nakitende (24) who started Kingfisher Energy Solutions. Regional winners will be announced on 10 March in London during Commonwealth Week. And, fittingly, the 2015 Commonwealth theme is ‘A Young Commonwealth’.

Gloria Nakajubi, a features writer with New Vision is one of the award winners for the David Astor Journalism Awards Trust, according to a February 10th press release. The award involves working with journalists abroad, usually in newsrooms in the UK and South Africa. Past women winners of this award include Barbara Among, the Chief Editor of Uganda Radio Network.

Posts on Mon we especially liked

Juliana Kanyomozi released a new song. She’s back, and we love it!  Juliana has made a number of press appearances following the release of “Woman”. We spoke to a Motswana fan and  shared that chat because it was a great review of Juliana’s music.

An interview with Nyana Kakoma. If you have not read Sooo Many Stories, you should do it right now. Nyana is now in Cape Town interning with Modjaji Books, a feminist press. We talked to her about Sooo Many Stories, women’s writing and Modjaji Books.

Four things elsewhere that made our internets smile

FOWODE started profiling women who intend to run for office in 2016. FOWODE (Forum for Women in Development) has so far profiled five women leaders: Lina Zedriga, Molly Lanyero, Grace Amek, Jackie Cherotich and Sarah Namugga.

What do you say when the Minister of Gender tells you not to deny your husband sex? The Minister of Gender went on record telling women to not deny their husbands sex. This, she said, would reduce violence. We couldn’t have responded to this- we were still collecting our thoughts. But in a blog, Uncultured Sisterhood, Estella Muzito knew exactly what to say.

Prof. Sylvia Tamale wrote an Op-Ed about the sex tapes. It has been an unfortunate couple of weeks, not knowing what more will make rounds on social media. Some women have asked that other women don’t re-share; Prof. Tamale, who was the first woman to be Dean of Law at MUK, wrote an Op-Ed connecting the sex tapes to violence and a clear political agenda.

Mary Luwum interviewed. Daily Monitor featured the 92-year-old widow of the former Archbishop Janani Luwum who was killed by the Amin government. She spoke about his interactions with Amin, his honor and seeking refuge in Kenya.

Stories we’re keeping an eye on

Commercial sex workers in Lyantonde protest. Following a directive to send them off the streets, commercial sex workers have staged a protest. They are said to be connected to assault, theft and murder in the area.

Sanitary towels pilot project. NTV Uganda profiled a project in Nature Files, by the Ministry of Water and Environment through the Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Environment. It has funding from UNICEF, and girls and teachers are taught to make pads from banana fibres.

Sseko Designs on ABC’s Shark Tank. Shark Tank, now in its sixth season with ABC, features potential investors (“sharks”) and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for investors in their business. Sseko Designs made a pitch in episode aired on Friday 13th. The husband-and-wife founding team left without an investment as the sharks thought their shoes were uncomfortable, their projections unrealistic and that the couple had overvalued their company.

Our best wishes for a wonderful gender-sensitive week. Please send any news, comments and suggestions to You can follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook for updates throughout the week. Sign up to receive this brief in your email. 


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