Uganda Natural Hair blogs and resources

We’ve been following- and loving- Nacho Hair Lover for awhile now. So we’re super excited that Bella (EnviriZaNacho Founder and Superstar) blogged on the resources and other communities discussing natural hair and beauty. 

Beauty blogging in Uganda is slowly increasing and to highlight that here are a few Uganda Natural Hair bloggers / communities/ sources you should check out (they have been listed in no particular order):

1. I started following Afroffinity a while back and I thoroughly enjoy her tumblr feed. She posts about natural hair, motherhood and does hair features too! LOVE!

Click the link below or Copy&Paste into your browser to visit.

2. I discovered NaturalHairUg via instagram and she has great tips and is a great knowledge resource. Check her out for tutorials and all that good stuff.

Click the link below or Copy&Paste into your browser to visit.

3. I contacted Maria of Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care when I was organising the first EnviriZaNacho Event and boy did she come through. She is a great resource of Natural Hair and Skin knowledge and is super willing to share. She holds hair talks for self-organised groups interested in learning more about healthy hair and skin. She also makes GREAT hair and skin products. We(Prima and I) love her shampoo bar and leave in conditioner.

To get in touch with her and find out more click the link below or copy&paste to visit her facebook page.

4. The Fab Lane is a closed facebook group for Uganda Naturals, they discuss everything from protective styles, natural hair, products, where to source them and motherhood.

I noticed the closed natural hair groups only when I was invited into one a little while back and I understand that people want to discuss their beauty (NATURAL HAIR and etc) without having their -ish- out there.

Do you know any more natural hair bloggers out there who I might have missed? I would love to read some concentrating on dreadlocks care and others too. Natural hair and beauty is diverse and so we Uganda Naturals might have some way to go before we get there but this post is evidence that we, surely ,are on the way.

Thanks for reading and please share the links to more Uganda Beauty( hair & skin) bloggers in the comments.

This post first appeared on EnviriZaNacho. It is republished here with permission. Go to their website ( to read more about natural hair, its celebration and struggles in Uganda.

2 thoughts on “Uganda Natural Hair blogs and resources

  1. This is very resourceful. I have been looking for Ugandan hair blogs for like forever(okay, maybe a month or so) and the Youtube tutorials for black girls were not very helpful. Thank you for this post ❤


    • You’re welcome! This needs an update as there are more and more blogs (and Instagrams) to follow for Ugandan hair. But Nacho Hair Lover stays on top of her game and if you follow her, she will lead you to all the others.

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