FreshCampaign tells us where to get female condoms in Uganda on Twitter

I like new media (obviously, since I’m a blogger) but I like it even more when it is used to start, and normalise, uncomfortable conversations.

Fresh Campaign’s Twitter bio says: “FRESH is a social media platform for young people to be educated about sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).”

The female condom is still unpopular across the globe and a lot of organisations in Uganda have been working to change this. This usually means they do sensitisation and then because no one is really using the condom, they have boxes of them in their offices. 

We hear a lot about the female condom in the media but I wasn’t sure if I could just walk into a pharmacy or supermarket and ask for one as you would for the male ones. (Some pharmacies probably carry them.) We sent FreshCampaign a tweet asking where we could get some and they responded.


In Kampala, we were told one could get them from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and MarieStopes Uganda (MSU).

For those in Kasese and need some, be sure to pass by ACODEV.

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