Mothers giving birth in abandoned kitchen

Daily Monitor run this story on May 30th. I wanted to bring it to your attention because I have written here before in the blog post “So why build a health center in Budondo?

Pregnant women in Luuka District have been delivering from what used to be an abandoned kitchen at Kiyunga Health Centre since January 26, 2013 when a mysterious fire gutted and left part of the district referral facility, Kiyunga Health Center IV, in ruins.

According to health workers here, matters are complicated by the fact that the kitchen-turned-maternity ward which handles up to 90 deliveries per month has neither doors nor windows and even then, it is too small and ill equipped to handle the numbers that turn up there.

“We have only three beds with one delivery bed which was donated by Centenary Bank last year. In most cases, we are forced to prematurely discharge women in order to create space,” Ms Aisha Alitubera, a midwife, told this newspaper. [Read more at: “Mothers give birth in kitchen“. Daily Monitor, May 30th, 2014]

Latifah is fundraising to help build Suubi Center in Budondo, Luuka district.

Update: The fundraising campaign link that we have been sharing in previous posts ended 8 days ago. However, Latifah is still taking donations… so to donate, click on this one.

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