FOWODE-Uganda Press Statement ahead of State of Nation address

Yesterday morning, FOWODE (Forum for Women in Democracy)- Uganda held a press conference ahead of the Women In Politics in Eastern Uganda and prior to the State of the Nation address today.

Here is the statement in full: 
Women Re-echoing priorities in the Equal by Right: The Uganda Women’s Agenda
Ahead of the State of the Nation address to be delivered tomorrow and prior to the National Budget reading process scheduled for next week, Women of Uganda are re-echoing their priorities to decision makers. There are the 11 thematic pillars contained in Equal By Right: The Uganda Women’s Agenda 2010-2016.

Forum For Women In Democracy through the ongoing Regional Women in Politics Conference is providing a platform to Ugandan women to remind their leaders on the unique gender dimensions that ought to be addressed by the National Plan and Budget for 2014/2015 and the National Development Plan 2, if real and meaningful development for empowerment of Ugandan women and girls is to be achieved. On 23rd May 2014 Women in Northern Uganda during the Regional Women in Politics conference retold policy makers that they are still struggling with post conflict challenges and the conflict cloud still lingers around them today more manifested in the land and other resource conflicts. Further women in Northern Uganda called for economic empowerment of the grassroots women and support for those involved in politics.

At the Conference, yesterday

Women in the 32 districts of Eastern Uganda will during the 4th-6th Regional Conference also have a chance to re-echo their priorities and remind our decision makers on what development will be meaningful with emphasis on the regional contextual issues. The conference organized by Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) that will take place in Mbale will gather women representatives from religious groups, cultural institutions, District women leaders, the elderly, the academia and women in business. 

The two day conference will be held under the National Conference theme: “Women and Power: Taking stock and marching forward,” will take place on 5th and 6th June. Two more regional conferences ill be held in Mbarara for western region and Masaka for central region. These conferences, in addition to re-echoing the priorities, are assessing the extent to which the women’s agenda has been implemented and lay strategies to address identified implementation gaps. They will also provide a platform to amplify and voice critical outstanding women’s issues in the political agenda and develop a strategy for the integration of women’s agenda into government political and economic processes.
The conference will provide a platform for women to re-imagine and rebuild their individual and collective power so that they can challenge insubordination in their parties, in their communities and in governance generally. 

All these efforts are to prepare ground for the National Women in politics conference to be held in July. This conference is a follow up action of the 2010, Women in Politics conference organized by FOWODE in Uganda that brought together 135 women from themed: “Setting the Tunes for Democracy: Towards an Agenda for Political Accountability to Women” which strategized on accountability to women. Forum for Women in Democracy the organizer of this conference pledged to continue promoting gender equality in all areas of decision making through capacity development, policy engagement, community empowerment and strategic partnerships.

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Sophie Kyagulanyi 0754670006
4th June 2014


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