News: Teenage girl gang-raped in Bugolobi

This post is written by Mutenyo Peter.

A teenage girl was, on Saturday night, assaulted, kidnapped and raped by youth suspected to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The 14 year old- though according to O/C Jinja Road Police Station the girl “is around 17”- was on her way home with a couple of friends when they were accosted by the group of young men at the Bugolobi Taxi Stage.

They caused a lot of commotion but there was no intervention from any passersby.

The young men allegedly groped at the young trio and in the ensuing melee, one girl lost a tooth while the other escaped safely. However the younger one of them was overpowered and then dragged away. A concerned boda-boda cyclist, who knew the assaulting young men, then offered to ride the victim to the nearest guesthouse. His intention was to get her away from them but this didn’t go well with them.

They are reported to have then grabbed the girl off the boda and dragged her to a secluded area adjacent to the market. 

Mzee Agiziwe, a tenant who has a development at the exact crime scene, said that he heard voices which woke him, only to realize something was wrong. Upon opening his door, he says he saw about 5 young men- all of whom he knows very well- standing in line, with two holding the victim akimbo. When they saw him, they all scampered away, leaving him to make an alarm and get the girl to hospital.

Despite promising to apprehend the culprits, it has emerged that the five alleged to be the perpetrators are still at large. They are said to include a well-known video hall operator known as Nguudi, a reportedly renowned criminal named Ssenoga and a young man named Saddam, a son to one Kiwa. Even with all this information in the public domain, these alleged perpetrators of this heinous crime are getting ample time to disappear, there doesn’t seem to be any decisive move by police who are investigating.

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