Clearly the Government is not in this

This is a comment that was written anonymously on a recent Mon post that we thought should be turned into a post of its own.

In targeting Kibuule, we are targeting the wrong person because asking him to resign is as shooting blanks. If one does not have the decency honor another, how will he have the decency to resign?

Kibuule in this body of problem is a simple piece of flesh, an insignificant one that once removed, the body will still function. My thought would be to target the head, kill the head and rest the entire body of men and women who excuse any gender based violence.

It is easy to find out who those are. Forget about those who are defending him on Twitter, those are paid sympathizers who do not even know what they are doing, their job is to keep him in office.

The real dangers to women’s rights are the people that have been quiet, notable among them are women leaders especially the now not so Honorable Mary Karooro Okurut, the youth representatives in parliament whose mandate is to represent the voices of the youth, the National Youth Council headed by Samuel Kavuma, the women members of parliament who have not said a thing and the Inspector General of Police.

I wonder how many women work with Kibuule at the Ministry of Gender, how many women interact with him at Parliament. I wonder how many donors, NGOs and civil society organizations partner, work and consult with the Ministry of Gender and in extension, Kibuule will say a thing. If the Minister of Gender, Karooro Okurut and women parliamentarians can go quiet about the celebration of rape culture in Uganda that is perpetuated not by any random drunkard in a mental facility but a Member of Parliament who is also the Youth Minister at the Ministry of Gender, then you should all know that there is something fundamentally wrong with our identity, our governance, our leadership. That for me, is the saddest part, that these leaders should choose their loyalty to their NRM boy over the dignity, humanity and security of women.

Do these leaders still have the right to come to us with issues on education, justice, health, governance, economics and all? If we do not have life, how can they come to us with issues on the quality of life? If Karooro Okurut cannot come out on this, what right will she have to come out on all other issues? What is the measure used to deem what is important?

The National Youth Council chaired by Mr. Samuel Kavuma who also happens to be A Youth Rep to the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, Chairperson/Coordinator, Commonwealth African Regional Youth Caucus and a consultant on youth participation came out in a press conference to welcome Bigirimana in a press statement titled, “National Youth Council Press Release welcoming MR. Pius Bigirimana as the Permanent Secretary to MGSLSD” that is posted here by one Kitaata Ibrahim. Samuel Kavuma wrote “on behalf of the youth fraternity” welcoming Mr.Pius Bigirimana as the new Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) and said, “we disassociate ourselves from the sentiments of the UWONET during their press conference this week. We were not part of their arrangement as it was reported.” He went on to talk about the research and investigations he said they had made on Bigirimana’s track-record. To this, he said that they had “established that his reputation is impeccable, and makes him the right candidate for the MOGLSD and we greatly thank His Excellency, the President of Uganda for deploying him in our Ministry.”

That perhaps should have been a sign to civil society especially UWONET that they had a bigger problem than Bigirimana and, now Kibuule. Perhaps they did, but we turned a deaf ear to the cries of women at that time. Now every woman is at risk, and we still have no solution.

Kibuule must resign, but if he does not, any donor that deals with him and honors his position, any civil society organization that responds to his call, any media outlet that publishes his activities only endorses his mindset and is part of the problem. Fortunately, we are not beyond repair. A lot can still happen. We just have to understand what we are dealing with and match forward with courage. Let us create the society that we want. One day at a time.

Clearly the government is not in this.

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