IN HIS WORDS: Kibuule’s speech in Kajara (a transcription)

This brings me to another war: the way of dressing, the dress code. I am happy in this hall, I have not seen someone in a miniskirt, I have not seen someone in a balanced trouser. I thank you, people of Kajara [people clapping]… I always get ashamed whenever I go to attend functions in Busoga and in Buganda. I don’t know what they want to show me. Mmmh. Then you are in a taxi, carrying newspapers to cover. Who told you to put a miniskirt? Me I have told even the Police Chief, you shouldn’t even listen to the person who comes to report a rape case, putting on a miniskirt. The intention was: Please why don’t you rape me? [people laughing] Because in the first place I am not even sure that your intention was not to be raped. You are putting on a miniskirt, with a slit, then you cover. You start sitting…. please, comfortably, why don’t you out on like these ladies now? They are comfortable. But now, as a Youth Minister, when I talked about this, these parliamentarians chased me.. “aah no we don’t need it”. Because Ethics tried to bring it out. You are looking for a job, you come with your balanced trousers. Who wants to see you? I had to go look for a musician called David Lutalo to ask him: why don’t you compose a song? Talk about the dressing code, talk about the drugs. And you have seen me in that video. The reason was, let’s now create advocacy. That people, just by the mercy of God, cease to dress up in such a manner. Someone in a balanced trouser. I see them that they have come for interviews. Who can employ you? If the…any operation came, you will not survive. They will see you as the suspect. If they are looking for thugs and they happen to see you in a balanced trouser, they will just put you on kabangali, straight to the next po…police station.

2 thoughts on “IN HIS WORDS: Kibuule’s speech in Kajara (a transcription)

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