A woman made a non-conventional decision, you are still judging 11 years later

I had serious hope in Uganda. I did. Even if more than half of the population has only experienced one government, I figured that was not a source of concern. How could it be when they are youngsters? It is supposed to be the millennial generation. We are more millennial than the word millennial because we were born just yesterday, y’know.

I had serious hope.

But obviously it is not enough that there was a Divorce and Marriage Bill tabled, although that can be seen as a great stride in gender equality, despite the opposition to it. Perhaps we are truly not ready for such a bill.

When Eng. Charles Kazibwe died on the morning of August 05, it was inevitable that there would be news reports because he was after all, the father of the children of the first female Vice President. I am not certain that the death of a spouse, or ex-spouse, of another Vice President would have merited a front page space on more than one day, but Kazibwe did.

Because in addition to being the Vice President, Dr. Spe had the audacity to divorce her husband. So when he dies, he is not just a man, an ex-husband, and father, he also presents an opportunity to bring up the divorce as most stories that broke the news of his death did.

We could blame our media houses. When Dr. Wandira-Kazibwe advised a couple at their wedding about the longevity of marriage, there was a story about it. I suppose because she divorced her own husband, she was supposed to tell the newly-weds about domestic violence and divorce as an option. On their wedding day. One reporter even remembered that Titie Tabel composed a song about the discord in the Kazibwe home.

And, we were treated to daily updates about the supposed ongoings. There was the hospital debt and apparent plans to block Dr. Spe from the funeral.


We could blame these media houses and shake our heads at journalists. We would wonder how they live with themselves. But media is really a reflection of a society, as evidenced from some of the comments on those stories.

alira54 • 8 days ago −
Some African women when they get a little education and get a position in society it gets into their heads. This is not an isolated case. Most graduate women give their husbands hell, but some men are not able to walk away fearing loss of face and usually end up in a very bad situation. Wandira is a woman and Kazibwe should have just walked away if he suspected infidelity or any belittling. I would do that and I have done it.

A Candwong said

“He died a beggar, because he was stronger than we can comprehend; a weak man would have committed suicide. Another Ugandan brain ruined as we spectate unconcerned of our daily loses to the revolution of 1986. RIP engineer, many have gone and we shall follow you. Forgive us (Ugandans), we do not value our most important assets.”

I had hope. I truly did.

But on a serious note, get over yourselves people. A woman made a non-conventional decision to not stay in an abusive marriage. Are we really judging, and gossiping about, her choice eleven years later?

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