Nkuweeki? Certainly not this.

In the words of an online tabloid called Ghana Celebrities, Iryn Namubiru, a Ugandan singer known for hits such as Birowozo and Empiisa zo is the WORST.

Are they blind?

Are they blind?

They say that during one of her shows in the USA, Namubiru allowed her fans to put their hands up her mini dress, which is the most appalling thing to happen in the history of ever. They also make mention of dettol, an antibacterial soap.

Although I am allowing indignation to color my writing, the tabloid isn’t exactly telling lies. Namubiru did kneel close to the edge of the stage she was performing on and she did push her pelvis forward, making it rather easy for lecherous revelers to feel her up. I just really dislike the tone of this site.

See the picture.


When I first looked at it, my stomach kicked itself in the stomach. I felt sad and even, a little sick. If she didn’t intend for this to happen, this is terrible molestation.

The look on Namubiru’s face isn’t clear but her pout and body language suggest she is OK with what is happening. She seems to be feeling like quite the bawss in this moment.

And now, the theories:

She perhaps didn’t mean for the fondling to go so far, wanting to give her fans a tantalizing peek before scooting away. However, if my theory is true then how she intended to scoot in those heels confounds me.

Perhaps she had become so excited that she made a decision she otherwise wouldn’t have. I say this because I am no stranger to performer’s hysteria.

When I was in high school, I was convinced that I would grow up to be a professional dancer. On “proda” days, I would climb the stage with my girlfriends to wriggle, pop and gyrate to Beenieman’s music. As I inexpertly aped the moves in his videos, I would get progressively higher from watching the boys and girls in the audience watching me. Thankfully, my highs never led me to squat next to the edge of the wooden stage to give people easy access to my mother’s union knickers. It did fill me with the aforementioned hysteria, the same thing I believe she was possessed by.

If Namubiru did intend for the fans to touch her intimately, I ask myself and you, reader, what moral ground do we have to judge her performing style?

Namubiru is a grown woman. She has been in this business for long and depends as much on her lithe body as she does on her voice for fame. This is how she has packaged herself. Being overtly sexy and sexual is something she has always done and will do again.We have consumed her music videos with little or no discomfort and breeze past newspaper stands displaying Kamunye and Red pepper every day.

Mostly, I feel bad for her little boys. However sex positive you are, I don’t see you high fiving your mother for allowing her performing spirit to take her to such levels (really I meant to write lows). Perhaps because they have lived with her all their lives, they will be able to understand the pressures she feels as a so so artist in a world brimming with artists.

 What are your thoughts and feelings?


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